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c02a694f-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 AINTER (ALUMNOS DE INTERCAMBIO) Spanish 
cd666d55-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor in Architecture English 
748019d3-0f5e-e111-8310-005056b42592 Bachelor in Business Administration Madrid Campus English 
bf38d511-0b5e-e111-8310-005056b42592 Bachelor in Business Administration (sección gradual español-inglés) campus de Madrid Spanish 
e7666d55-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor in Business Administration (sección gradual: español-inglés) campus Segovia Spanish 
de666d55-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor in Business Administration Segovia Campus English 
cf686061-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor in Communication English 
3197b269-3f37-e311-8708-02bf0a09015e Bachelor in International Relations Madrid Campus English 
3eac079c-4706-e111-8310-005056b42592 Bachelor in International Relations Segovia Campus English 
59b6655b-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor in Psychology English 
62b6655b-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Bachelor of Laws English 
cab5dc44-e5c6-e211-b667-005056b41464 Bachelor of Laws – gradual (español-inglés) Spanish 
cdf70bb7-3e37-e311-8708-02bf0a09015e Dual degree BBA and BIR Madrid Campus English 
6d2a9196-4c91-e211-9c17-005056b41464 Dual degree BBA and BIR Segovia campus English 
e2b47775-135e-e111-8310-005056b42592 Dual Degree BBA –LLB gradual: español-inglés campus de Madrid Spanish 
832f586d-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Dual Degree BBA –LLB Segovia campus English 
faa39905-276a-e211-90d5-005056b42592 Dual LL.B. and Legal Practice Course English 
80445e79-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 EXSTUDENTS (EXCHANGE STUDENTS) English 
9b445e79-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 FC (FORMACIÓN COMPLEMENTARIA) Spanish 
99ae7c69-5eec-e011-bd26-02bf0a09015e Undecided English 
fe4e4ec1-29f2-df11-aa1b-005056b42592 Visiting Students Program English 
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