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IE, the world’s number one school for Online MBAs, will launch the IE Connection Hub: a unique event to simultaneously connect top professionals located in eight different cities – Zurich, Munich, Oslo, Amsterdam, Moscow, Athens, Madrid and Sao Paulo. We invite you join us and connect with other potential candidates across Europe in a blended event that will bring together IE alumni, the IE Admissions teams and our Dean, Martin Boehm, who will deliver an inspiring talk live from our Madrid Campus. Experience first-hand how innovation at IE has revolutionized the learning experience using the latest generation technologies; and join an active debate on Entrepreneurship by participating in a blended masterclass live from Sao Paulo, Brazil, with IE Professor Newton Campos, author of the book "The Myth of the Idea and the Upside Down Startup”.


Digital October

Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya, 6, str. 3, 119072, Moscow

Moscow, Russia


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

From: 19:00 Local Time

To: 21:30 Local Time



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